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From the start, the love and protection you give your baby is vital for their health and wellbeing.
The health benefits from breastmilk are well documented and because you have decided to give your baby breastmilk, we wish to support your choice. Ameda know how much breastfeeding matters to you and your baby.

Ameda Lactaline

Ameda’s story starts with a passion for breastfeeding. More than 60 years ago, we invented the first truly comfortable and effective breastpump. Because every mum and baby is different, the Ameda Lactaline Personal Double Electric Breastpump is designed to be more adjustable than any other personal or hospital-grade breastpump:

Vacuum and cycles can be adjusted to your personal preference offering optimal results every time - giving you increased milk supply and reduced pumping time.


7 funnel sizes to provide optimal convenience during your breastfeeding experience - giving you greater comfort and better milk flow.


Airlock ProtectionTM
Our unique anti-viral barrier keeps your breastpump and breast milk clean and free from bacteria and viruses - giving you peace of mind.


Try us on. You will like our adjustability, comfort and performance. You will also love knowing your milk is as pure and clean as Mother Nature made it.

Please download our Ameda Product Information Leaflet (pdf) here.

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